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Posted on 2020/02/15 - 20:07


     Update of the "Learning to write" generator. Addition of 3 new fonts.

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Posted on 2020/01/25 - 10:16


Posted on 2020/01/18 - 19:32


     Update of the dot sheet generator. It is now possible to shift the points 45 or 6

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Posted on 2020/01/17 - 19:34


      Big update of the writing learning generator, with new features:
      Possibility of causing line breaks
      Possibility to choose the color of each line
      Ability to generate dotted lines

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Posted on 2019/12/29 - 08:42


 French Humor

La réussite, pour un homme, c'est d'être parvenu a gagner plus d'argent que sa femme n'a pu en dépenser. Sacha Guitry