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Hello, welcome to my Website.

📰 Last news

  Online Generators (Friday, 03. September 2021)

      Updated learning to write blank lines generator by color (dyspraxia).
      It is now possible to draw dashed and dotted lines.

  Generator update (Friday, 30. July 2021)

     Updated Seyes line writing learning generator.
     It is now possible to write in the margin (to make writing models, for example).

  Book (Sunday, 02. May 2021)

     New article about a book.

     Two articles about nice books

  Blog (Saturday, 19. December 2020)

     New blog article (Perixx Periduo-505 ergonomic keyboard)

☕ French Humor

Le meilleur moyen de prendre un train a l'heure, c'est de s'arranger pour rater le précédant. Marcel Achard