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How to use a french keyboard on HP-UX?

    To use a french keyboard, there are two possibilities:

    Temporarily, until the next reboot:

      For that, we must run: /sbin/itemap -i -L (with root user)


      Launch the following commands while logged as root:
      rm /etc/kbdlang
      /sbin/itemap -i -L -w /etc/kbdlang

How to boot into Single-User?

    Press ESC during boot.
    When BOOT_ADMIN> appears, enter:
    b PRI ISL

    When the system displays ISL>, enter:
    For HP-UX 9.x: hpux -iS disc(;0)/hp-ux
    For HP-UX 10.x et 11.x: hpux -iS disc(;0)/stand/vmunix

How to install a soft.depot.gz file?

    To install a software from a depot file, you must run the following commands (as root): gzip -d /path/myfile.depot.gz
    swinstall -s /path/myfile.depot \*

    Note: It is important to set the path before the file name.

Where can I find informations on HP-UX?

Where can I find HP-UX softwares?


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