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BeOS history

BeOS is an operating system platforms based on Intel Pentium and Motorola PowerPC. Initially it was created by the Be Inc company founded by Jean-Louis Gasseer, an Apple transfuge in the early 90s.
The system appeared first on a machine built by Be, the BeBox, based on PowerPC. BeOS has subsequently been ported to the Macintosh at the time, then in 1998 on the Intel platform.

The story of Be Inc. ends at the end of summer 2001. Palm Inc acquires Be Inc. and use the acquired technology BeOS to develop future versions of its operating system for PDAs.

Palm does not continue the development or marketing of BeOS, or allow a team of independent developers to do so. Several groups have begun a complete rewrite of a system compatible with BeOS.

Visit the Haiku OS, website, which is the new BeOS.

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